Digital Hearing Aid Details

This miniature digital hearing aid complements the users’ active lifestyles, and is ideal for users with mild to moderate hearing loss.

With its sleek design and miniature size, this programmable hearing aid is a valuable gem to many hearing aid users.

Master Craft Hearing Aid
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Simple Steps To Follow

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  1. The red dot is only found on the right side hearing aid.

  2. Remove the dead battery and replace with a new battery in the right unit. Always remove yellow tape from new battery before placing in hearing aid. Battery will only go in one direction.

  3. Remove cleaner from the tube for the left hearing aid and snap the tube on the left hearing aid.

    Place a new battery in the left hearing aid.

  4. Place the hearing aids on your ears and insert the tips in the ear canals. (THE RED DOT FOR THE RIGHT EAR!)

  5. Hearing aids have three settings.

    The button on top of hearing aid will change the settings. The first time you touch the button you will hear two beeps this is the first program of your hearing aid.

    The second time you touch the button you will hear three beeps which is the second program. The third time you touch the button you will hear four beeps which is the final and third program.

    The fourth time the button is touched the unit will shut off.

    Touch the button again and it takes you back to the first program.

    As you can see the programs rotate. For most hearing situations users normally use programs one and two.
    Work with your hearing aids to find the best setting for you.

    Enjoy the benefits they can provide.

  6. Always open the battery doors at night when you remove your hearing aids.

  7. Call 1-800-233-1413

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